Health & Safety

I am double trained and have taken placenta encapsulation safety courses from the Irish Placenta Association in 2014, and IPEN in 2017.

IPEN certified placenta specialists hold all relevant health & safety certificates including Infection Control, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and Food Safety.
We operate under a robust FSMS document developed with and approved by Environmental Health in the UK. All our equipment and workspace is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between clients using the highest grade hospital cleaners and sanitisers.

I only ever work on one placenta at a time. Each placenta receives my full attention to detail and safety, including rigorous documentation from start to finish. This process guarantees that your placenta will never be mixed up or cross contaminated.

Keeping your Placenta Safe

Temperature control during storage and transportation of your placenta is absolutely crucial. I do perform a temperature check on each placenta collected to make sure it is safe for consumption
For your piece of mind, I provide you with everything you need on the day. My encapsulation service includes a Placenta Pack which contains, a custom cooler bag, ice blogs, information flyers for yourself and your midwife, and a collection label.

Reliability - Experience - Safety

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Kimberley Dublin

I have found the capsules really good. They really help balance my mood by giving me an energy boost almost after I take them. The days I've forgot to take them, in the evening I've noticed I am more sleepy by 9pm.
Whereas when I take them I'm fine till 1130. This is of great benefit to me with breast feeding on demand.
I would highly recommend them. I didn't do it on my first birth and I spent the first 3 months wrecked.

Sinead Drogheda

I have to say I have so much energy that I really did not expect to have and I honestly know it's down to the placenta capsules!
Friends and family who have had babies cannot get over the energy I have and how good my form is! And I have had no issues with breastfeeding also!
I have recommended them and you to so many people and hopefully I will be calling on you again!!
If only it was an endless supply!!

Emma Dublin

I’m getting on great & oh my god do I feel a difference with the capsules. I actually can’t believe how well I feel in comparison to the last time (when I didn’t use the capsules).
I didn’t bounce back very well after my first pregnancy & I wasn’t myself for quite a few months afterwards. But this time I felt normal again very quickly & my energy levels are really good, which makes everything else easier to handle. Even my hair & nails are in great condition

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