Placenta Capsules €350

Placenta encapsulation turns your precious placenta into easy to take palatable capsules. Like any other supplement, placenta capsules are taken 1-3 times a day to facilitate a healthy emotional and physical post-birth recovery. They are your own unique tailor-made nutritional supplement.

There are two ways to prepare placenta capsules, the Simple preparation or the Steamed preparation.

The Steamed prep consists of steaming the placenta before dehydrating and grinding down into a powder form. This method will produce a slightly lower number of capsules due to shrinking during the steaming process. Some feel steaming may be more damaging to the nutrients.

Simple capsules miss out the steaming process. With the Simple prep, the placenta is dehydrated fresh and is at no time subjected to high levels of heat.

With both methods, there is never anything added and the capsules only contain 100% dehydrated placenta powder. Both methods are equally potent and whether you opt for Simple or Steamed is down to personal preference.
However, as an extra precaution, a Steamed prep must be done when mums have tested positive for GBS or when there is meconium present.

** My service is ALL INCLUSIVE**

2 working days after booking in, a custom Placenta Storage and Transport Kit which contains everything you need will be delivered to your door. The kit contains a cooler bag, ice blocks, instructions leaflets for you and your midwife, and a collection label for your placenta.

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Overall I’m delighted with the results and 100% believe the capsules have helped tremendously. I healed up well also after my episiotomy. Thanks for everything and making the process so easy for us before and after the birth. I rave to everybody about the service!!

Ciara Dublin

I find the capsules are brilliant help, I can't recommend them enough. They help me with my energy levels and are really useful against the baby blues. I would consider them an essential for post partum recovery aid in my opinion! I look forward to trying the tincture too. Thank you so much for your work and for your help!

Christina Dublin

I'm really happy with the capsules I definitely feel they're making a difference to my recovery, emotionally and physically. I even recommended them to my friend. I'm looking forward to having the tincture for use in the future too.

Deidre Dublin

I'm really impressed with the capsules, they give me energy and my milk supply is unreal! I'm so glad I heard of you and chose to do it! Looking forward to the stretch mark cream too!

Laura Dublin
Placenta Tincture €62 **Must-have**

Similar to herbal tinctures, placenta tincture is a concentrated liquid form of your placenta.
A piece of fresh placenta is soaked in high strength alcohol for 6-8 weeks. The soaking process extracts the active components of the placenta and changes the colour of the alcohol from clear to dark yellow or light brown.
Placenta tincture is, in my eyes, a must-have remedy. It has an extremely long shelf life since it does not expire, and is very handy to have once your capsules are all gone. It is a popular remedy, receiving great testimonials from clients.

Skincare Oil (60ml) €42

Our facial oil is the ultimate all natural anti-ageing cosmetic. It sinks in instantly leaving your skin feeling super soft and velvety, without feeling greasy. It is customized with the active components of your own Placenta Extract.
The face oil also contains Safflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, Evening primrose Oil and Vitamin E, which all have moisturizing, soothing and renewing properties. It is delicately scented with a blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit.

Rescue Balm (50ml) €30

Placenta Rescue Balm is a must have for any medicine cabinet. It can be used on mother and baby, and is gentle enough to be used anywhere on the body. It combines the nourishing and soothing properties of Shea Butter and Calendula Oil with the unique properties of your own Placenta Extract. The carefully chosen blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Mandarin is also very calming for Baby. It is a great skin healer which can be used for c-section scars, perineal tears, cracked nipples, stretch marks, nappy rash and cradle cap, dry skin and eczema, nail scratches on baby's face or any skin irritation, scrapes or bruises.

a bottle of placenta capsules and a pot of placenta balm
Kellie Dublin

The capsules, they were honest to god lifesavers. This was my 3rd baby and I bounced back within no time and I genuinely believe it was the capsules. I didn't feel at all like I had a baby.

The one big thing I noticed was the milk supply. I would recommend them to anyone who is breastfeeding. I've been singing their praises to everyone. I can't thank you enough! I've anxiety though as I'm finished them. Thanks so much Sabine xxx

Elaine Dublin

I really do feel that compared to my first baby the capsules are giving me some support in this recover period. I'm using my cream and balm too which I also love.

Yes I would certainly recommend to others and have shared this with my gp, public health nurse and friends. Worth doing as won't do any harm to try and any benefits or help after childbirth and pregnancy are a plus! Just wish I had more!! I'm getting through them!

Why not get even more benefits from your placenta and save some money at the same time?

I have bundled my products in 3 popular packages to save you money

placenta encapsulation package 1 includes placenta pills and tincture"
Placenta encapsulation package 1 includes placenta pills, tincture and balm"
Placenta encapsulation package 1 includes placenta pills, tincture, balm and face oil"

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