Safe, Effective and Drug Free Treatments for All Your Pregnancy Discomforts

Pregnancy is such an exciting and special time in your life. By looking after your health and wellbeing with pregnancy acupuncture, you are looking after the health of your growing baby. I have been providing pregnancy acupuncture in Dublin since 2011. I love supporting pregnant women and helping them enjoy an easy pregnancy.

Acupuncture is the treatment of choice during pregnancy. It is not only effective but
totally natural and drug-free. Pregnancy acupuncture is safe for you and your baby, and free from side effects.
Acupuncture can resolve or ease many of the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Treatments not only relieve symptoms, but they also bring back balance and harmony. All this can help you have the best pregnancy and birth possible.
I recommend weekly treatments in the first trimester to help you adjust. Treatments at this stage will focus on hormonal balance and miscarriage prevention. They will also help with tiredness and nausea/vomiting.
During the second trimester, you can attend once or twice a month, depending on your needs.
Finally, in the third trimester, I recommend weekly treatments from 36 weeks onwards. At this stage, pre-birth acupuncture treatments focus on preparing the body for birth.
Acupuncture treatments are very relaxing and enjoyable. It’s one hour of me-time for you to sit back, relax, and feel confident that you are doing the best for yourself and your baby.

Acupuncture Treatments for All Stages of Pregnancy

First Trimester

Morning Sickness
Hormone Imbalance
Miscarriage Prevention

Second Trimester

Back Pain

Third Trimester

Back Pain & Sciatica, SPD,
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Insomnia, Anxiety
Breech or Posterior Position
Preparation for Birth


Tiredness, Insomnia
Low Milk Supply,
Cracked/Sore Nipples,
Blocked Ducts, Mastitis
Post-natal Depression

Acupuncture for Breech Baby

Chinese medicine has been using moxibustion to successfully turn breech babies for thousands of years. Moxibustion for breech treatment consists of lighting a moxa stick (mugwort herb) and holding it over a specific acupuncture point to gently warm the area. Treatment needs to be carried out for 20 mins each day for 10 consecutive days (1 day in clinic, 9 days at home).
Breech treatment in clinic combines acupuncture with moxibustion to facilitate the turning process. This will be a unique pregnancy acupuncture treatment designed not only to relax you, but also give you and your baby the energy boost needed for an efficient turn.
You only need to attend and pay for 1 treatment. I will teach you how to do the moxa yourself, provide you with sticks and written instructions so that you can confidently continue the treatment at home yourself.

When to come for treatment

For many women, a breech position is first mentioned at 32 weeks and then confirmed at 36 weeks. While it is true that 32 weeks is too early to panic, it is not too early to be pro-active.
I recommend getting in touch as soon as you know that your baby is breech. This is because moxibustion is most successful at 33/34 weeks when there is still plenty of room for baby to turn. Also, you will need to allow 10 consecutive days for 1 course of moxa, so best to start early. Moxibustion is still quite effective later in pregnancy.
It is still helpful to come in for treatment no matter how close to your due date.

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Client Dublin

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Client Dublin

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Acupuncture for Pre-Birth & Natural Induction of Labour

Acupuncture has become the treatment of choice for women looking to avoid a medical induction of labour.
It can prepare you physically by helping soften and ripen the cervix, helping to support the ligaments as they stretch to widen the pelvis, helping the baby descend into the pelvis in an optimal position, as well as boosting your energy levels. All this leads to spontaneous onset of labour, as well as efficient, shorter and more manageable births.
It also prepares you emotionally by removing fear, building your confidence and keeping you relaxed. Treatments are so relaxing and such a lovely thing to do for you and your baby. You'll also be able to benefit from my GentleBirth Instructor knowledge, and approach birth in a relaxed and confident manner.

When to come for treatment

The sooner the better. Pre-birth treatments are generally started in the last month of pregnancy, around 36-37 weeks. Acupuncture is very effective but it is also very gentle and cumulative. Starting around this time will give you the best preparation.
Women who are struggling or finding it difficult are advised to start at 34 weeks to allow enough time to replenish energy levels, even more so if having to work until 38 weeks.
But no matter how late in pregnancy you are, it is never too late! Even 1 or 2 treatments can make a significant difference, especially if you are past your due date and looking for acupuncture to induce labour naturally.

Sarah Dublin

I started going to see Sabine in my third trimester when I was expecting my first child. I had never done Accupunture but had heard of the benefits in labor and pregnancy, and while I was a bit nervous, I thought I’d give it a try.  From our first meeting Sabine just put me at ease, she starts each session with a chat about how things are progressing and how you’re feeling.  I had multiple sessions leading up to the birth of my first child, which came naturally and quick. I tell anyone who will listen how much I benefited from going to Sabine and how I felt better towards the end of pregnancy than I had in earlier months.
When I got pregnant with my second, there was no question that I was going to see her, I even had moved out of the city but booked an appointment to see her as soon as I could. Second child and birth experience was even smoother.
You can not know what to expect when you go into labor but I did feel that with the Acupunture and experience from Sabine that I was all that more prepared.  I would highly recommend anyone to go to her.

Clinic Location

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Pregnancy Acupuncture: €85 (45-60 min)


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I always reply to enquiries, however I have noticed that my replies can often go to spam due to strong spam filter settings.
Please make sure to check your spam folder, and feel free to follow up with a text message.


As a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association, my treatments are covered by health insurance companies. Depending on your current health plan you may be entitled to a partial refund.
Please note that I do have a 24hr cancellation policy in place. Failure to cancel your appointment less than 24hrs before your scheduled appointment will incur a €15 fee to cover the room rental cost. Appointments cancelled less than 3h in advance are due IN FULL
Please note that I currently do not have card payment facilities and can only accept cash or cheque. I will issue a receipt for your health insurance.

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Have you heard of Placenta Encapsulation?

I have been offering placenta encapsulation services since 2014 and have seen demand continuously increase in the last few years. This is partly due to exposure in the media, but mostly due to all the wonderful feedback from mums.
In a nutshell, mums praise placenta capsules for feeling back to themselves much quicker, with lots of energy, plenty of milk supply and no mood dips. Most are very surprised at how much energy they have considering they are getting very little sleep looking after a new baby, and sometimes older children too.

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