What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is a modern way for Irish & Dublin mums to consume their placenta after having a baby.

The process of placenta encapsulation transforms a fresh placenta into a post-natal supplement. The placenta is dehydrated into a fine powder, and the placenta powder is then put into capsules.

All Inclusive Placenta Encapsulation - €275

✓ Custom cooler bag with ice packs
✓ Custom documents for your midwife
✓ Collection of your placenta
✓ Choice of clear or pink capsules
✓ Complimentary cork keepsake
✓ Detailed storage & dosage guide
✓ Delivery/postage of your products
Placenta encapsulation pink capsules in a bottle

An increasing number of women across the world are turning to placenta encapsulation after the birth of their babies. This is because your placenta can provide you with wonderful remedies which can transform those precious postnatal weeks with your new baby.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using placenta in herbal prescriptions for centuries. In TCM, the placenta is a powerful tonic that can tonify Yang, reinforce Jing (vital essence) and Qi (life force), and nourish Blood. TCM considers childbirth to be exhausting, leaving new mothers deficient in Qi and Blood, so dried placenta powder is the perfect remedy.

Your placenta will be packed, full of post-birth hormones and other nutrients which can all help recovery. Consuming placenta in capsule form is a great, gentle and healing way to put all that goodness back into your system after having your baby.

The AcuBaby Experience:

 Heart-Centered - AcuBaby is not a placenta business, but a heart-centered Women’s Health practice. I operate on my own and am personally involved in the process, from your very first enquiry email until months after your capsules have been delivered.

100% Digital - Booking in your birth is quick and easy and can be done from your phone no matter where you are. You can fill out the booking form, sign the T&cCs and pay your deposit online in one step.

 All Inclusive - For your peace of mind and for a hassle-free process, I provide you with everything you need on the day. My Placenta Welcome Pack has been carefully put together and contains a custom cooler bag, long-lasting ice packs and documents for your midwife.

 Quality Training - I have taken two separate Placenta Encapsulation courses from IPA and IPEN. I have been fully trained in Food Hygiene & Safety (HACCP). I have also completed Infection Control and Blood Borne Pathogens training.

Fast Turnaround - Placentas are collected with 2h-12h, with a 24h - 48h turnaround for capsules.

 Bespoke Packaging - I put a lot of thought & care in packaging your products to provide you with a beautiful client experience.

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Aoife Dublin

Placenta encapsulation was by far the best decision I made. Having had 4 babies already I tried it on my fifth and I literally felt so good after the birth. I had no tiredness, no baby blues and the service provided by Sabine was great and no hassle at all. Sabine was always on the other end of the phone if I needed any advice. Such a discreet and professional manner. I recommend anyone who is pregnant to have this done.

Eimear Drogheda

I'm getting on really well with the capsules. As a person who was taking antidepressants for depression and anxiety the year before baby was born, I was concerned I may suffer from post-natal depression. However, since baby was born/taking the capsules, I feel great! Very calm, confident and anxiety free! I also have a good level of energy, even though I'm getting on average 4 - 6 hours sleep a night. On a physical level, I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans after 2 weeks! This was without watching what I was eating or any exercise, again, I'm attributing this to taking the capsules.

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What Mums Say...

I feel great, tired but not exhausted. I’m still able to get up each morning and get the kids out to school, etc.
My nails are strong and growing fast and my hair is in great condition. Usually it would be falling out these weeks!
I feel like myself just with a new baby. Completely reduced baby blues compared to my other two children.
All round I just feel great. I’m actually afraid when they run out - will I still feel this good!
I would urge any pregnant woman to get it done and wished I had it after my first baby when it’s all a shock and the pain and trauma of some parts of birthing and postnatal are just so new and unexpected.
I have a few pregnant friends currently and I’m urging them to go for it. Fingers crossed more mums do.

The capsules are brilliant! I'm taking 6 a day and have been since I got them! I don't know what I would have been like without them, but I've found that my hormones definitely seem a lot more stable.

I have to say the capsules are amazing! I really feel so much energy from them considering I've a newborn!
I can't thank you enough for them and I have told any of my friends expecting to order them too.

Everyone has commented that I'm looking well and I'm out and about early with the baby. I'm not sure how much of this is down to the capsules but I do believe they have helped!

Did you know?

Acupuncture is safe during all trimesters of pregnancy, and can successfully help most pregnancy ailments and discomforts.
Acupuncture is the most popular and effective therapy to encourage breech babies to turn, and avoid a c-section.
It is also a lovely and relaxing way to prepare the body for birth. Our pre-birth and natural induction protocols are designed to promote spontaneous start of labour, and to avoid medical inductions and instrumental deliveries.