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I was very lucky to have Sabine as our doula at the birth of our precious son in Oct 2013. Following this Sabine encapsulated my placenta, she dehydrated and powdered it and placed into capsules for me along with dehydrating the umbilical cord into the letter L (first initial of my son’s name). As she was present at the birth, she also took some photos of us both holding our son and gave them to me when delivering the capsules. I found while I was taking them that my energy levels were great and that I did not have any depression at all. I was conscious of this as I had PND following the loss of my first pregnancy at 18 weeks 2 years previously so this was one of the main reasons I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated. The rest of the capsules are now in storage for the menopause in the future. I would highly recommend Sabine for placenta encapsulation. She is so thorough and her attention to the little details always gets me, she is so thoughtful and caring. (Niamh, Co.Meath).



Oh Sabine, just want to thank you for doing such a great job! I really didn’t expect the painting and the cord memento!!! I am going to highly recommend you to other girlfriends! It’s amazing service you provide!!!


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Hi hope u are well. Will you pls write a testimonial from me for ur website. Acupunture was amazing at fixing my pain and encapsulation service excellent. Really felt great taking them. Stopped today 6wks. I can’t get chance to write so happy for you to write a fab testimonial and put my name to it. That ok? Sara x



I can’t believe how much milk I have one hour after taking them!!!


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Hello there, l just wanted to promote the option of converting your placenta into capsules. I got this done with Sabine and I’m delighted! In fairness I was feeling great but I know that the use of the capsules is definitely providing more milk, energy and general good health!
Thank you Sabine for obliging us (as it was all a big rushed in the end!) our little daughter is also doing great!
All the best, F&J.











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