Placenta Capsules €220

Placenta encapsulation refers to the process of turning your placenta into capsules which are taken 1-3 times daily to help support a healthy emotional and physical post-birth recovery.
Placenta Capsules can be prepared Simple (Raw) or Steamed (TCM). TCM refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine and follows the traditional practice of steaming the placenta with ginger, lemon and chilli before dehydrating and grinding down into a powder form. Simple capsules miss out the steaming process. The placenta is dehydrated straight away and is at no time subjected to high levels of heat. Simple encapsulation produces a higher yield of capsules than Steamed as the placenta shrinks a little during steaming.
Whether you opt for Simple or Steamed is down to personal preference.
** My service is ALL INCLUSIVE. 2 working days after booking in, a custom Placenta Storage and Transport Kit which contains everything you need will be delivered to your door. The kit contains a cooler bag, ice blocks, instructions leaflets for you and your midwife, and a collection label for your placenta.**

Placenta TincturePlacenta Tincture  (275ml) €80

Placenta Tincture is a very potent and very popular remedy, receiving great testimonials
from our clients.
Placenta Tincture is a powerful, potent remedy that helps with emotional and physical healing, and hormone balancing. A wonderful aid for times of transition, emotional upheaval or stress, hormonal imbalance or the menopause. Placenta tincture has wonderful general healing properties, is versatile in its use and is a great way to stretch out the longevity of your placenta. You will receive a large 250ml bottle of tincture that should last a lifetime, along with a small 25ml dropper bottle for regular use. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Placenta EssencePlacenta Essence  (275ml) €55

Placenta essence contains the vibrational and energetic essence of your placenta.
Placenta essence is an immune boosting remedy that will last you a lifetime. It can be used in times of distress or hormonal imbalance or when you or your child need a ‘lift’ or are feeling fretful.
Placenta Essence will keep indefinitely if stored correctly.
Placenta Essence may help in times of distress, give energy & strength when ill, help relieve baby blues and postnatal depression and benefit hormone regulation. You will receive a 250ml bottle of placenta mother essence along with a small 25ml dropper bottle of diluted essence.

Placenta Healing Balm  (100ml) €40

Placenta Balm is great for cracked nipples, nappy rash, sunburn, c section scarring, perineal tears or trauma, episiotomy, haemorrhoids and general skin irritations.
It can be used on Mum or baby and is scented with lavender essential oils which are mild enough for use on your newborn.
The Balm is made from the finest cold pressed calendula oil and unscented pure beeswax. Our placenta balm is extremely popular with Mums for use on themselves and their babies.

Placenta Cosmetic Cream  (100ml) €40

Sheep placenta has long been the main ingredient in luxurious anti-ageing treatments favoured by the rich and famous. Placenta cream can improve the appearance of stretch marks, reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sun spots, or can be used general skin care for a radiant complexion.

Placenta Print (€7) & Cord Keepsake (Complimentary)

Placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsakes are a lovely way to honour and remember the bond you had with your baby in the womb. We honour and treasure the umbilical cord by shaping it and dehydrating it into a charm. Cord keepsakes will be made whenever possible (dependent on cord length) and delivered in an organza bag along with your other remedies. Prints are made by laying the placenta onto watercolour paper and come rolled with white ribbon or flat in bubble wrap if posted out.



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