What happens now?

To get started with placenta encapsulation, all you need to do is fill out the booking form and email it back to me. You will then receive a confirmation email.
When you go into hospital, you will need to bring a small lunch size cool bag with 2-3 ice blocks (Do not use real ice as it will melt into water). The bigger your bag, the more ice packs you’ll need. Give the “Placenta Care Instructions” sheet to your midwife and ask her to double bag and label the placenta in biohazard bags, and then put it into your cool bag. Some labour wards kindly keep your cool bag in their fridge until collection.

Will the hospital let me keep my placenta?
Yes they will. You do not need permission to take your placenta as you own it.
Most hospitals are aware of placenta encapsulation these days and have no problem with a mother using her placenta.
I have encapsulated for mums who had their babies in OLOL, The Rotunda, The Coombe and Holles St.
I have never had a hospital refuse to let the mother take her placenta home. Simply tell the midwife on your arrival to hospital that you are keeping your placenta and give her the placenta care document.

What is the collection process?
I can collect from all 3 Dublin maternity hospitals during daytime hours. If you were to give birth in the evening or during the night, I would collect from the hospital the next morning.
I can either deliver the capsules to you in hospital or post them express if you have already been discharged.

TCM or Raw? What is the difference?
TCM refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine and follows those traditional practices of steaming the placenta with ginger, lemon and chilli before dehydrating and grinding down into a powder form.
Raw capsules leave out the steaming process. The placenta is dehydrated from raw and is at no time subjected to high levels of heat. Many believe that heat may destroy some of the nutritional content so opt for this option. Raw encapsulation produces a higher yield of capsules than TCM as the placenta shrinks a little during steaming. Whether you opt for Raw or TCM is down to personal preference.

How many capsules will I get?
Placentas vary in size. Most placentas make between 90-200 capsules. On average I get about 140-180. Raw encapsulation makes more than TCM.

How long will my capsules last?
How long your capsules last you will depend on the initial amount and your daily dose. If you got 170 capsules and you took 3 a day, they would last you about 8 weeks. However your needs and daily dose will change as weeks go by… If you feel you have really benefited from your capsules and will miss them when you run out , then consider returning a few to me (8-10) to have a tincture made.

How long will my capsules keep?
If stored correctly your capsules will last many years. They can be stored in a cool dry press or a fridge during the post-partum period, but should then be transferred to a freezer if you choose to keep some for the menopause. If you feel you have really benefited from your capsules and will miss them, then consider returning a few to me to have a tincture made, which will last until old age.
Leftover capsules can be used to make tincture, essence, creams and balms.

Can I use my placenta for more than one remedy?
Absolutely. All remedies available can be obtained from a single placenta.

I have a placenta in the freezer. Can I still use it?
Yes. Frozen placentas can still be used, even a few years after the birth.

Can I use my placenta after a Caesarean Section?
Absolutely. Make sure your consultant is aware that you are keeping your placenta and ask to take your container into the operating theatre. Alternatively they can put the placenta into a biohazard bag until you get out of theatre.

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